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August 4, 2014 by Fenris2014

My professional work has been sporadic since I graduated college with the down turn in the economy in 2008. At times it has been my sole source of income and at others I’ve had to focus on whatever side jobs I could find to make ends meet but thus is the life of a freelancer. The List below is by no means all inclusive I have done many private commissions of my work that could not be listed due to usually not remembering who the client is and sheer number. My professional achievements are as follows.

Graphic Design/ Illustration:

  • Head Artist of Con-jour(no longer running) 2009-2011

    Including Badge creation, Mascot design, and promotional materials design and lay out.

  • Created promotional materials for a local night 2006-2012

   Including flyer design, event ticket design, and other sundry promotional materials

  • Logo Design RSVP naked Film Studio(closed) 2006

Web Design:

  • Created and Maintained LindaNightingale.com (2008-Current)
  • Created and Maintained JanetCarrollRN.com (2013-2014)
  • Created and Maintained Con-jour.net (2009-2011)
  • Created and Maintained AsgardGames.net 2009-2010)


Current Work:

  •  Evin Thayer Studios (2014-Current)

Photo retouching and production work.

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