Influences and Inspiration

August 4, 2014 by Fenris2014

I have drawn as long as I can remember. I use to check out how to draw books from the school library in the little town where I grew up and I would draw all sorts of stuff. Then I started playing Hero`s Quest, the art and setting of that game had a big impact of me. I started immersing myself in the world of fantasy and sci-fi and I never looked back. Over the years I have had many inspirations. From the early days I was inspired by Elmore  and Frazetta  . Later I got into comic books and the artists of the 90ties began to affect my art. The biggest impact I have to say was McFarlin in those days but I still wasn’t serious about art as a career… I think I was still wanting to be an archeologist in those days. In high school I got more serious about it. I began to take more art classes and seriously considered art school. When I started getting into late high school and college I began shifting away from the more comic book style art and returning to my interests in high fantasy, artists like Royo , Lockwood  , and Spencer  . In more recent years as I have begun working digitally, I began to take a look at digital artists, Dixon  in particular, has had a big effect on my work.

As to where I find my inspiration, it varies a lot. Some is from music. I have a particular fondness for heavy metal. Others from film or books some are just wild fancies of my mind. Some of it is inspired by my…moods caused by my bipolar disorder; art can sometimes give voice to things that words can’t.

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