The Origin Story: About Me

August 4, 2014 by Fenris2014

In the time between the sinking of Atlantis and the invention of the internet there was an age undreamed of, and unto this stage was born Simon! Who would be king by his own hand!

Seriously though I was the typical 80`s kid, coming in on the ass end of Gen-X and growing up on the great stories of Thunder-cats, He-man, Ninja turtles, and the like. My parents being unapologetic Trekkie’s and fantasy buffs also forever ensured my nerddom by introducing me to the classics like star trek and star wars as well as the wonderful fantasy moves of the day.  This put me a little at odds with my peers when I was young . I lived in Anderson SC till I was 11 and suffice to say, was not surrounded by great swaths of people into the same stuff I was. When we moved to Miami Beach in 93-ish the culture shock was blinding, but I managed to make some good friends and really flourish into my nerdy obsessions.

This came in handy as around this time my mental disorder began to manifest. I had dealt with what was believed to be depression since I was 6 or 7 sporadically but when i hit the awkwardness and hormonal changes of puberty it went into full effect. I was under heavy treatment and medication till I was 14 when I decided the medications were making me worse and decided to deal with it myself. Around that time I moved to Houston to live with my father. To begin this new chapter of my life the gods decided to gift me with a car.. not to drive to get hit by when I was crossing the street.

Most of high school is a blur of surgeries, pain killers, miniature and RPG games, and poor choices. There were good friends, some I still talk to and those I left behind and a lot of growing but that’s pretty normal I suppose. It was also around this time I discovered my deep connection to the Old Gods of Scandinavia, something that would in time lead me to take up the position of a priest for first Iriminsway, then later The Heathen Kinship of Texas whom I am still with. Though truthfully this was only after years of solitary practice of the faith and many more misadventures wandering around the country. I was in and out of art school. the dot com crash of 2002 fucked over everyone and I wound up in some hilariously bad jobs.

Finally I wound up moving back in with my father and returning to Houston in 2004. There I finally worked through my Associates of Graphic Design from HCC in 2008. I have spent the last 6 years slowly building my skill set and working at really any job I could find to make ends meet and taking on any freelance creative work to keep my skills improving. In 2010 after years of managing to deal with my issues on my own(sort of…for the most part.) through the twin brilliant plans of emotional suppression and keeping myself so busy I wouldn’t have time or energy to think. I finally decided to seek help for my mental issues and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and received treatment  with literally every medication for the disorder for  the next 4 years. Sadly nothing worked without major side effects and I decided with the support of my Fiancee ( we will be married in November 2014) to end my treatment which thus far has worked well.

Earlier this year I began doing regular commission photo retouching work for a local photography studio which has finally stabilized my income a bit but I am looking to go into art full time and start showing my work at conventions.

Now you know the back story.

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